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Update your car's engine

Get a brand new car without buying one

If your car's engine has failed or is in the process of dying out, come to Lovejoy Tire & Automotive Shop. We can perform either an engine or transmission swap so your car is as good as new, without you having to spend a fortune on buying a new car!

Our other services

• Tune-ups

• Oil change

• Window regulator

• Tie rods

• Starters

• Water pumps

• Ball joints

• Bearings

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At Lovejoy Tire & Automotive Shop, you'll always find competitive pricing and quality auto work. If you need an engine swap, it'll cost just $299, which is unbelievably cheap!

Breathe new life into your car with an engine swap.

Brush off the dust on your car and get on the road again!

You can get a more modern and efficient engine today by having one of our skilled mechanics swap your old one out for a brand new top-of-the-line engine!